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Workers Compensation Insurance for Domestic Staff

Don't get caught off guard... most states require you carry this coverage.  Even if it's not required in your state, the benefits far outweigh the premium to purchase the coverage.
Providing certain types of insurance for your staff is not only wise, it may be the law! Most states require Workers Compensation insurance for anyone in your employ and penalties for non-compliance are quite high!  Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC can provide you with the required coverage you need.

In conjunction with governing insurance requirements, states determine the definition of an employee.  In fact, some states have adopted a very broad definition which include what many would consider an independent contractor.  This is important since most states require an employer provide workers compensation for their employees.  It is imperative that you discuss any relationship that may be construed as an employer/employee relationship with your legal adviser.

You should consider providing Workers Compensation even in states where the coverage is optional.  This is true if you employ anyone including, but not limited to, Domestic Staff, a Personal Assistant or an Estate Manager.

Generally, states classify Domestic Workers by the following occupations:
  • Butler
  • Caretaker
  • Chauffeur
  • Cook
  • Gardener
  • Governess/Governor/Nanny/Babysitter
  • Handyman
  • Home Healthcare Worker
  • Maid/Housekeeper
  • Laundry Worker
  • Crew of Private Yachts
  • Pilots of Private Airplanes for Family Use

Other Household Staff you may employ whom are subject to Workers Compensation Laws include:
  • Private Secretary/Personal Assistant
  • Estate Manager

Please speak with us if you have anyone in your employ or if any arrangement exists that may be construed as an employee/employer relationship.  If you have employees in multiple residences, it is important that you are in compliance with the states in which your employees work. In addition, let us know if your employees travel out of state with you or without you, in the context of their position. 

Workers Compensation coverage is very broad and claims can be substantial.  Without the proper coverage, you may be responsible to pay, out of pocket, what the policy would have covered, had a policy been in force.  Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC  can help you protect your financial well-being by providing you with this very important coverage.

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Accidents happen, be prepared with Workers Compensation Insurance
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