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Equestrian & Gentleman's Farm Insurance

The property and liability exposures inherent to owning a horse, a Gentleman’s Farm or operating an equine related business are unique and not adequately addressed by most standard insurance policies.  Securing coverage for these exposures can be achieved by purchasing policies designed to specifically address your equine related risk. 

Not sure what type of policy you need to protect yourself based on your situation?  Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is here to help!

Horse owners may find themselves transitioning from needing a Personal Horse Owners policy to a Commercial policy rather quickly.  This is true if you engage in activities such as boarding, breeding, giving lessons, trail riding, etc.  
If you own a horse it is important that you speak with us so we can better understand your individual circumstances and recommend the proper coverage.

Whether you need an Equine Mortality policy, Comprehensive Horse Farm Insurance policy, or anything in between, Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC will work with you to build a policy tailored to your specific needs.

  • Standard or All Risk Mortality, Major Medical, and Theft
  • Private Horse Owner’s Liability
  • Care, Custody & Control Liability
  • Independent Contractor Liability
  • Riding Instructors, Horse Trainers & Clinicians Liability
  • Commercial Equine Liability
  • Private Facility Liability
  • Equine Operations
  • Grooms Insurance - Workers Compensation & Major Medical
  • Farrier’s Insurance
  • Horse Transport Liability
  • Stallion Infertility
  • Farm Equipment
  • Family Vehicle Coverage
  • International Exposures

There are unique insurance exposures related to owning a horse or a farm.  Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is dedicated to learning about exactly what exposures you have and helping you find the insurance solutions to properly protect you and your estate from a potential loss.

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Specialty Insurance Policies

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Specialized Insurance protection for horse owners
Boarders and Breeders InsuranceRiding Academy and Independent Riding Instructor Liability Horse Show, Clinics and CompetitionsHorse Owners Liability, Mortality, Medical and Theft