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Private Aviation Insurance

A private aircraft affords additional freedom... but it may not fit into a traditional insurance portfolio leaving possible gaps in liability coverage.  

The insurance implications of owning an aircraft are often challenging but Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC can help!

We’ll work with you to find the solutions for your aviation related risk. We can build a policy that is tailored to your specific needs in order to deal with the unforeseen eventualities that you’re most concerned about.

We provide customized coverage for:

  • Owned aircraft (jets, helicopters and light aircraft)
  • Excess liability for fractional aircraft ownership
  • Excess liability for a managed aircraft
  • Non-owned aircraft hull and liability
  • Airport liability for private air strips
  • Workers’ compensation for pilots and ground crew
  • Classic and museum aircraft collections

Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC believes the freedom of owning an aircraft should not compromise your peace of mind, from an insurance perspective.  Not all insurers are able to provide the needed coverage, leaving you at risk.  For this reason, we formed carefully selected partnerships to provide the coverage you need.

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Specialty Insurance Policies

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Private Aviation InsuranceFractional Aircraft Ownership LiabilityAirport Liability for Private Air Strips Workers Compensation for Pilots and Ground Crew