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Domestic Staff Insurance

Your domestic staff is essential to well ordered living and affords you the ability to pursue your higher goals in life. 

In most instances, you are required to carry insurance for your employees but this does not fully protect you.  Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC can provide you with the required coverage and the optional coverage you need.

Being an employer is a great responsibility, as is the risk associated with it.  States implement insurance requirements to protect the employee and thankfully, these laws also protect the employer, to an extent.  The issue is that these laws can give an employer a false sense of security if the employer believes that compliance with State Laws will provide the employer with the proper protection it needs. While compliance with State Laws afford some protection to the employer, the laws were designed and adopted to protect the employee not the employer.  The employer remains responsible to protect itself as fully as possible.

If you employ Domestic Staff, a Personal Assistant, an Estate Manager or anyone else, you must be in compliance with the applicable State Insurance Requirements and consider additional coverage to protect your assets.
  • Workers Compensation
  • Short Term Disability
  • Employment Practices Liability

Your domestic staff is not a luxury but rather a necessity that gives you a competitive edge in respects to time.  Time that you and your family may choose to invest in achieving a higher degree of success in business, raising and educating your children and engaging in philanthropic activities.  These are all important reasons to employ domestic staff and Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC can help you obtain the insurance you need so can focus on what you do best, knowing that you have the proper coverage.

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Insurance protection for your Domestic Staff risks
Domestic Staff InsuranceDomestic Staff InsuranceDomestic Staff InsuranceDomestic Staff Insurance