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Homeowners Insurance for Primary Residences

Your home you chose your home for a reason or a variety of reasons and then invested care, time and resources so it would reflect the individual style of you and your family, truly making it your own.

If you own your primary residence, it's very likely that it is the single greatest asset you own personally, in terms of real property and Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is here to help you insure it properly!

Policies classified as Homeowner policies, include insurance for Homes, Condominiums, Cooperatives and Apartments.

These policies cover the dwelling itself, other structures on the property, contents and loss of use, as applicable. Other structures and contents are often offered as a percentage of the dwelling coverage. Insurance companies now offer much more flexible policies, that allow the consumer to choose the coverage limits they need, as long as they continue to insure the dwelling to value.

In addition to covering your property, homeowners policies also provide liability coverage. Liability provides coverage for claims that allege that one's negligence or inappropriate action result in property damage, bodily injury or personal injury. The type of loss that may arise, the legal defense fees associated with such a claim and the potential judgment awarded in a lawsuit are impossible to predict and therefore may jeopardize your entire net worth and possibly your future earning potential.

Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC  believes that what makes us the right insurance agency for you is our desire to understand your goals, needs and concerns, in respect to your personal insurance portfolio, coupled with our ability to provide quality products and services to meet your objectives.

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