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Coastal Properties

The view, the sounds, the fragrance in the air, the sun and of course, the water... are luxurious elements enjoyed by those who choose a home by the sea.

Your Coastal Property may be your primary or secondary residence or it may be a vacation income or investment property.  Whatever the case may be, Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is here to help!

Insurance Company Requirements

In addition to requiring standard underwriting information, the insurance companies require verification of the flood zone assigned to the property and verification of the property's distance to the water.  They may also require an elevation certificate or a wind mitigation certificate. You can benefit from our extensive experience in placing insurance coverage on coastal properties, as we can obtain much of the information for you and guide you through the process of obtaining any additional information needed.

Additional Coverage Considerations

All property owners should consider purchasing
Flood and Excess Flood insurance but this is especially true for coastal property owners.

It is not always possible to add all the endorsements needed to a coastal property policy therefore it is important that you review the Enhanced Homeowners Coverage Options section, as many of these coverages can be written separately.

Our coastal property experience ranges from properties located in Maine to Florida, with a high concentration in New England, Long Island and Florida on the Eastern Seaboard and Coastal California on the West Coast. We are familiar with the unique challenges to homeowners and insurance companies when placing insurance for coastal properties, and believe strongly that by choosing Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC we can simplify the process of obtaining the coverage you need at a favorable rate.

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