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Flood & Excess Flood Insurance

You don't need to live in a flood zone to have a flood.  You may be surprised when you learn you need flood insurance. Most believe flood is not a concern... but you don't want to find out differently when it's too late. 

Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC will discuss your risks with you so you can make an informed decision!

Flood is a standard coverage exclusion on homeowner policies. If you have property in a high prone flood zone then you likely purchased coverage but all property owners should consider it.  Statistics show that over a third of all flood insurance claims arise from properties not located in flood prone zone.  Surprisingly enough, flood insurance is a prudent choice even when you own a penthouse apartment because in exchange for a nominal premium, it provides loss assessment coverage for common property damaged by a flood. 

Flood Zones

Properties are assigned a flood zone, as determine by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to predict the potential for flooding.  The zone assigned establishes the base rate of the insurance premium.  Precautionary measures adopted by the property owner to protect properties in high prone flood zones are factored in to reduce the final premium. 

Primary Flood

Maximum Limits

  • $250,000 Dwelling Limit
  • $100,000 Contents Limit
  • Other Structures Coverage for Buildings on Property may require a separate policy, depending on the insurer.

Excess Flood

Full limits or increments may be purchased up to:

  • Dwelling Replacement Cost Limit
  • Contents Replacement Cost Limit
  • Other Structures Coverage is available on the same Policy

Flood insurance premiums range greatly and are based on your flood zone.  If your property is located in a low risk zone, the premium is minimal but the benefits, should a flood occur, are substantial.  If your property is located in a flood prone zone, you will benefit from the experience Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC has is placing insurance on these properties and the advice we can render regarding the many discounts available through mitigation.

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Flood & Excess Flood Insurance because it can happen almost anywhere
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