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Collector Automobiles

The car or collection of cars, you treasure... chances are you spend more time carefully polishing it than you do driving it.  Or maybe it's not a car, but rather a vintage truck or motorcycle. Regardless of what type of vehicle it is, it deserves special insurance considerations.

Unbeknown to many collectors is that, the
liability and no-fault coverage are often lower on these policies than on the private passenger automobile policy.  So why should you have less coverage when driving your collector automobile?  You shouldn't and Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is here to help you make sure that doesn't happen to you!


In exchange for lower premiums, Antique Automobile and Collector Car policies limited vehicle usage and provided basic automobile coverages with the benefit of an agreed value and no deductible. This type of policy suited the needs of the average collector well.  While these policies met the needs of most, they fell short in adequately protecting insureds of substantial means because they did not offer high limits of liability and no-fault coverage.

Offering Better Policies Today

Astute insurers recognized the shortcomings of policies offered to collectors and in response, designed more comprehensive policies which are less restrictive and offer the coverage required to properly protect the needs of the affluent client.  Even with these enhancements, the premium for these newer policies remain just as low.
 Policy Features
      • Less restrictive use limitations
      • Liability
      • No-Fault
      • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Liability
      • Comprehensive, Full Glass & Collision with no deductible
      • Agreed Value
      • Roadside Assistance
      • Trailer Coverage
      • International Coverage
      • Transit Coverage

ntique Automobile and Collector Car policies where once quite restrictive.  These policies still exist, and may continue to serve the average collector well but are not suited to those who have significant assets.  If you have had your policy for a while or even if it's new, let Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC review it to make sure your limits are adequate.  If your present insurer is unable to increase the limits to match your private passenger limits, we have insurers that will.

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