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Short Term Disability Insurance for Domestic Staff

You value your employee and the work that they do... but what will happen if your employee is sick for a prolonged period of time or is injured while off the job, who will pay their salary and for how long?  Short term disability may provide the answers, it also may be required.  

Short Term Disability is required by some states but not all.  Do you know whether or not short term disability is required for your employees?  Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is here help you answer that question!

The question of short term disability is really two-fold.  The first question is whether or not it is required by law.  Most states do not require it but states like, CA, HI, NY, NJ and RI mandate up to 26 weeks of short term disability benefits. The second and more complex question is, if it is not required, how will you as the employer, handle such a situation? This, of course, becomes a matter of personal preference. Depending on the circumstances of employment and relationship with the employee, you may elect to purchase a voluntary policy to provide protection.  We welcome you discuss your employment arrangements and concerns so that we may provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Policies vary by state but typically, Short Term Disability policies:

Are Subject to:
  • Minimum time employed
  • Minimum number of hours worked
  • An elimination period before benefits begin

Benefits usually include:
  • Between 50% -70% of salary
  • Between 10 to 26 weeks of benefits

Whether State Law requires you carry short term disability or you are just concerned about providing protection to avoid a difficult situation for both you and your employee, in the event of such an occurrence, Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC can provide you with the information and insurance products you need.

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Short Term Disability provides a plan in the event a member of your Domestic Staff becomes disabled
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