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Personal Insurance - Protecting Your Lifestyle & Your Legacy

You've worked hard to achieve success, to build and maintain an estate and to create a legacy for future generations.

Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC recognizes your successes as the direct result of your effort and determination.  We're here to help you to preserve your estate by providing insurance protection for the three major insurable threats!

Direct Losses to Property

These losses are easy to define and the amount of loss is easily measured. Property insurance provides coverage for losses sustained by specific perils. In most instances, the value of the property has been established long before the loss occurs. Therefore, by nature, these losses are finite and limited to the value of the property and extra expenses incurred as a result of the loss to the property.

Liability Losses

Liability losses, unlike property losses, pose a greater risk since the dollar amount associated with such a loss is unknown and could place your entire net worth at risk. Liability losses may also impact your future earning potential.

Loss of Income

Life, Health & Disability Insurance products are equally important to a well balanced insurance portfolio and protect you and your family from losses due to premature death, illness or disability that jeopardize all that you have worked so diligently to attain.

Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC will work with you to provide you and your family with insurance products that afford the best protection available, suit your individual needs and give you peace of mind.

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