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Fine Arts, Jewelry & Collections Insurance

Your most precious possessions... certain items just hold a special value and the value may be sentimental, represent the time dedicated to finding a particular item or items in a collection, the monetary investment or maybe, it's special for all these reasons.

Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC can help you choose the right type of schedule and simply the process for you!

Why to Consider Scheduling

Personal property coverage under the homeowner policy includes sub-limits for jewelry, furs, musical instruments, coins, stamps, cameras, guns and certain other valuable collectibles. Fine arts and other collections without specific sub-limits, are included in the personal property limit. In both instances, coverage for losses are subject to the policy deductible.

The Benefits of Scheduling

Scheduled items coverage is significantly broader than contents coverage and includes:
  • Earthquake, flood and breakage which are standard exclusions on the homeowner policy
  • Payment for losses are not subject to a deductible
  • Worldwide coverage, including transit coverage protection is built-in
  • Power outage and mechanical breakdown coverage of heating, cooling, and humidity control are available for wine collections.

Scheduling Options

You may elect an itemized schedule, a blanket schedule or a combination of both.

When you itemize, you have the additional benefit of receiving up to 150% of the insured value, should a loss occur after market conditions changed, increasing the cost to repair or replace the item. Depending on the value of the individual items, you may schedule many of them without having to provide appraisals by simply providing a detailed description and assigning a value.

You may choose a blanket schedule to cover all items included under a specific value threshold. The threshold may be increased, at the company's discretion, based on the total value of the schedule. Modifications, such as these, must be made to the policy contract prior to a loss.


In addition to credits for central station fire & burglar alarms, home safes and in-vault coverage; insurers offer special discounts for large schedules based on volume and even lifestyle.

Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is dedicated to helping provide the broadest insurance on those items most precious to you at the most competitive premium possible.

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Valuable Collections Coverage
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork
  • Antiques
  • Wine Collections
  • Coin & Stamp Collections
  • Silver, China & Crystal
  • Furs
  • Firearms
  • Golf Clubs & Sports Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sports Memorabilia, etc

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