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Homeowners Insurance for Secondary & Vacation Homes

Whether it's situated along the seashore, atop a mountain or nestled into your favorite city neighborhood ... here in the States or abroad... it's your home away from home!

Secondary homes require special insurance considerations to ensure that you are properly covered and Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC is here to help you do just that!


You may choose to use it strictly for your personal use, decide to allow extended family members and friends to use the property, or even rent it out occasionally, frequently or lease it for extended periods of time. But, if you use your secondary home for anything other than your personal use, you must make provisions to be sure you are properly covered. Insurance companies provide a variety of insurance policies, each designed to address specific types of occupancy and if the wrong type of policy is in place when a claim occurs, the claim may be denied. This is why it is so important that you have a relationship with an insurance agency that invests the time to truly understand your circumstances.

Property Maintenance

Maintaining your secondary residence can be challenging. You may elect to secure Domestic Staff that are employed by you or contract services provided by local vendors. From an insurance perspective, you want to make certain that if you have hired Domestic Staff that you are in compliance with the Workers Compensation & Disability Laws of the State in which your residence is located.


It is always recommended that you have a Central Station Fire & Burglar Alarm at a secondary residence. The insurance company may have additional recommendations when they perform the complimentary loss control inspection on the property.

Requirements concerning secondary homes vary from one insurance company to the next.   Sklenar Insurance Services, LLC  is well versed in these requirements, allowing us to recommend the insurer that suits your individual circumstances.

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